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Products & Services

We provide the public with quality steel products that can be made to fit your needs. These products include saddle racks, livestock panels, gates, and trailer convertions. We also accomidate custom projects as well as welding and steel repair.


Here at Diamond P Agricultural Solutions no project is to small. Whether its an equiptment part that needs welded or a livestock trailer that needs repair, we can do it. And if we cannot help you we will find someone who can. 

Cutting Capacity

We currently have the ability to cut up to 5/8 inch solid steel as well as expanded metal. We can also cut nearly any other form of steel.


While there are many ways to join steel together such as bolting or riveting. While both methods work welding creates a solid bond that when done properly will last as long as the steel. We have the ability to weld steel from 0.065 in. in thickness to 5/8 in. and anywhere in between. 

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